It can be a big step to start working with a practitioner and I always feel privileged when patients entrust me with their health story. Read a few of my testimonials below and click the button above to book a free 15 minute discovery call to find out more about herbal medicine consultations.

Thrilled with the results

“Cath has helped me with several health issues, specifically centred around digestion.
I found her extremely informative, helpful and knowledgeable, which gave me such reassurance and confidence.

I’m absolutely thrilled with the results I’m seeing so far and would recommend Cath without hesitation.”

J.G. Cheshire

Exceptional knowledge of herbal remedies

“Cath has an exceptional knowledge of nature and herbal remedies, she has an incredible academic understanding of these things, but delivers it with tenderness and warmth. I have experienced trouble sleeping for several months now and I asked Cath for help, the tincture she made me, after a consultation, was tailored to my specific needs and has worked incredibly well, straight away. I would highly recommend Cath.”

C.B. Cheshire

Change in my mood & energy levels was quick

“I consulted Cath after having a months of family upheaval and a bereavement. I wasn’t eating well and my migraines were severe and happening every few days, my mood was very low with no energy or enthusiasm which was not me at all.

At Cath’s request in preparation for the consultation, I kept a food diary. That was quiet an eye opener as I thought that I was eating a fairly balanced diet!

Cath really listened, she pointed out what was lacking in my diet and prescribed a tea she would tailor to me.

The change in my mood and energy levels was quick and improved day by day. My migraines have totally calmed down, I’m back to being optimistic and I can’t thank Cath enough for the difference she has made to my life and my husband’s!”

G.C. Cheshire

A game changer

“Thanks for all your help, and the kick start to eat better. That’s been a game changer.”

L.H. Hampshire

Helped me so much with my peri-menopausal symptoms

“I began my herbal journey with Cath in June 2021, firstly as one of her case studies, and now as one of her ongoing patients. Cath has a calm, friendly, understanding manner, which puts you instantly at ease.

She has helped me so much with my peri-menopausal symptoms, a journey I have been navigating for about 5 years. Cath’s advice has helped me to balance out the peaks and troughs of this stage in my life, and I am grateful for her wonderful herbal tinctures and teas I love the fact that working 1-2-1 with Cath allows her to amend my tincture according to my personal needs. It is completely bespoke and I really feel the benefit.

I highly recommend Cath, whether it be for peri-menopause or any other health issue you may have.“

C.H. Dorset

Through the whole process I felt supported and understood

“I booked an appointment as I was having problems with dizziness and general lack of energy.

From the initial consultation Cath put me at ease, letting me explain what had been happening for me, I was really impressed how she made links with certain events/issues and it all made sense. She was very thorough and tailored a tincture and tea for me to support my lymphatic system. With some advice on what to be wary of in my diet, I couldn’t believe the difference even within a few days I felt so much clearer in my head and generally less groggy. Needless to say after a course of herbs I haven’t had any dizziness issues and have been much more energised.

Through the whole process I felt supported and understood. I can’t recommend Cath enough, she has brought me back to the light and I feel like my old self again.”

L.A. West Yorkshire

Cath has been helping me with my fibromyalgia

“Cath has been helping me with my fibromyalgia symptoms and I highly recommend her. Her tinctures, along with her support and guidance, have really eased the pain and mobility issues that I have experienced. I used to feel like a crippled old lady, and now I can participate in activities such a walking, yin yoga and swimming.”

S. M. Cambridgeshire

I cannot recommend Cath enough

“I cannot recommend Cath enough, the insight and knowledge gained from 1.5hrs with Cath is the most I have ever understood from any medical appointment I have ever had. Instant recommendations to make small tweaks to my nutrition and have made me feel instant changes with feeling fuller for longer, less likely to reach for snacks and control glucose spikes I wasn’t even aware of.

I have a couple of long standing issues I didn’t even really fully understand the full impact of on my overall health until I talked them through with Cath. I can’t wait to start taking my personalised tincture and work more with Cath to improve my overall health and wellbeing.

In a world where our usual healthcare is difficult to access, to be able to turn to a medical herbalist like Cath with so much knowledge and a whole person approach is so reassuring and welcome. Thank you Cath.”

S.F. Derbyshire

I noticed a difference within a week

“I first met Cath at a networking group and was fascinated by what she does. As someone who always prefers to take a more natural approach to healthcare, I was keen to learn more. After completing a very thorough form and consultation call, Cath was able to recommend supplements to help with erosive gastritis. I had been waiting 6 months for a follow up call from the consultant after my investigations so decided to take matters in to my own hands. I noticed a difference within a week of taking the supplements and soon after, all of the symptoms disappeared which felt amazing! I can’t tell you what a relief it is to not feel nauseous every day. If you’re struggling with a health issue and are wanting to look at a natural approach to support the symptoms, I highly recommend speaking to Cath.”

L.J. Cheshire