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Every month I share seasonal inspiration from my Cheshire garden and allotment, as well as herbs I’m working with in my practice. Join me in the apothecary!

Herbal medicine

Have you been dealing with a chronic health condition and are now looking for a more holistic approach? As a registered medical herbalist I offer one to one health consultations both on Zoom, or in person. I have a special interest in stress management, digestive health and burnout having previously struggled with all three before being introduced to herbal medicine. I’m passionate about medicinal herbs and how they can support our wellbeing.

Why see a medical herbalist?


Herbalists treat the root cause of the problem and the ‘whole’ person

To me every patient is an individual with their own unique health story and as a result has a bespoke treatment plan created for their own needs. You may have been struggling with a chronic illness for a long time and be looking for a more natural approach, or simply want to check in on your health and be looking for some support with your diet and lifestyle.

Would you like to learn more about herbs?

Join me at my next event and discover seasonal herbs – how to grow, harvest and preserve them. Events are held throughout the year so you can learn with the seasons.
Cath Couzens Medical Herbalist



Herbal Medicine Consultations

Your first consultation is a relaxed but in depth 90 minutes and will include your past medical history and current symptoms, the timeline of what you’re experiencing as well as lifestyle, diet and stress. Herbalists treat the person not the symptoms and every prescription is bespoke to the individual. Treatment may start with diet and lifestyle alongside a herbal tincture, tea, powder, topical cream or capsules.



I love to share my knowledge of herbal medicine and regularly host seasonal herbal workshops in Cheshire. These may be a half day, full day or evening event where you can learn about different herbs and their medicinal values. The herb events often include a herb walk for you to ID medicinal herbs and get to know plants in their natural environment.



Do you need up to date herbal knowledge or information on the history of herbal medicine?

You might be looking for a feature on herbal medicine or be creating a herb garden and need some advice on what to plant. By working with me you’ll receive up to date knowledge from a registered medical herbalist on the latest research, as well as having access to a wealth of traditional knowledge.

Cath Couzens Medical Herbalist - Woodside Apothecary (smiling looking directly at the camera)

Hi, I’m Cath

Hello, my name is Cath Couzens and I’m a medical herbalist based in Cheshire.

I was inspired to take this path after a prolonged period of illness, when a herbalist supported me to regain my health. This opened up a whole new world of medicinal herbs to me and I was so inspired that I decided to have a total career change and started my four year training in herbal medicine.

I’m registered with the National Institute of Medical Herbalists and practise Western Herbal Medicine, taking inspiration from TCM and Tibetan Herbal Medicine. When I’m not seeing patients I enjoy growing my own herbs and sharing my knowledge.

Get in touch to arrange a complimentary 15 minute discovery call on how I can support you or for details of my talks, herb walks, consultancy and workshops.

“I began my herbal journey with Cath in June 2021, firstly as one of her case studies, and now as one of her ongoing patients. Cath has a calm, friendly, understanding manner, which puts you instantly at ease.

She has helped me so much with my peri-menopausal symptoms, a journey I have been navigating for about 5 years. Cath’s advice has helped me to balance out the peaks and troughs of this stage in my life, and I am grateful for her wonderful herbal tinctures and teas I love the fact that working 1-2-1 with Cath allows her to amend my tincture according to my personal needs. It is completely bespoke and I really feel the benefit.

I highly recommend Cath, whether it be for peri-menopause or any other health issue you may have.”

C.H. Dorset
Herbal Workshops - Woodside Apothecary

Herbal Talks

Do you belong to a group that needs a speaker for an event? I’m delighted to arrange talks about herbal medicine for groups including weeds as medicine, seasonal herbs, the history of herbal medicine and hedgerow pharmacy. I’ve recently been invited to speak at Probus, WI, golf clubs and local community groups. Attendees are always encouraged to ask questions and have a look at a selection of seasonal herbs.


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If you’re inspired to learn to hear more about how herbal medicine can support your health please get in touch by completing the form below.

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