Herbal Medicine Consultations

A herbal consultation with me is 90 minutes and is your chance to take some time and share your health story. Often simply ‘being heard’ is reassuring and helps people feel more in control of their situation. Sometimes patients have been dealing with chronic illness for a long time and there may be many layers to what is going on.

Herbalists treat the person, not the symptom. It’s important for me to understand the bigger picture and consider your entire health history, not just your present symptoms.

It’s similar to being a detective, my aim is to uncover the root cause for your present symptoms and by creating a herbal prescription to help your body regain balance and for you to feel better. For example two patients may present with digestive issues and very similar symptoms, but the causes behind the symptoms could be very different. There could well be an emotional aspect playing into your symptoms and this is key to consider too.

Treatment is bespoke to you and your unique situation and may start with diet and lifestyle, alongside a herbal tincture, tea, powder, topical cream or capsules.

Medical herbalist private consultations

Your consultation will include:

Sharing your health story. Sometimes patients feel a weight has been lifted simply by having the relaxed time to share what has been happening for them, as they may not have had the opportunity to do this before.
I’ll ask about the other systems of your body. As a herbalist I believe that we are interconnected so I treat the ‘whole’ person and underlying root cause, rather than a symptom-led approach.
I may also check your pulse, take your blood pressure or look at your tongue as these tools provide me with valuable detail about your health and constitution.
I’ll then take some time to assess all the information you’ve shared and create a treatment plan which I’ll email over to you within 48 hours.
Your 45 minute follow up consultation would be approximately four weeks later where we check in on how you’re responding to treatment. Herbs work gently and everyone has an individual response to treatment, regularly taking your herbal medicine two to three times per day is recommended.
I would usually suggest three follow up appointments. For long standing complex health conditions more time may be needed. For hormonal issues, three cycles are recommended to see improvements.

A first consultation is 90 minutes, which is £85. Click here for all the details.

Medical herbalist private consultations
Herbal Workshops - Woodside Apothecary


I love to share my knowledge of herbal medicine and regularly host seasonal herbal workshops in Cheshire. These may be a half day, full day or evening event where you can learn about a selection of different herbs and their medicinal values. The herb events often include a herb walk for you to ID medicinal herbs and get to know plants in their natural environment.

Herbal workshops:

Learn about herbs throughout the seasons. Get to know a selection of herbs, their folklore, the science and how to incorporate herbs in your kitchen and for wellbeing

Join one of my herb walks and see medicinal herbs growing in their natural environment. Take away tips on harvesting and drying herbs to preserve their medicinal value.

Many of the herb events give you the opportunity to get hands on and make your own herbal remedy to take home with you.

Herbal Talks

Do you belong to a group that needs a speaker for an event? I’m delighted to arrange talks about herbal medicine for special interest groups in Cheshire. I’ve recently been invited to speak at Probus, WI, golf clubs and local community groups. Attendees are always encouraged to ask questions and have a look at a selection of seasonal herbs.

Talk themes:

From PR to the apothecary – my story of becoming a medical herbalist, why I decided to have such a dramatic career change and my extensive training.

Weeds as medicine – always popular with gardening groups! Those pesky weeds that most gardeners dig up are actually medicinal herbs. Learn about how I work with common weeds and how they make up a valuable part of my dispensary. 

The history of herbal medicine – I’ve always been fascinated by the history of apothecaries and have collected a number of historic herbs which I love to share with groups. A copy of the British Pharmaceutical Codex shines a light on which herbs were being used by pharmacists in 1949.

“I cannot recommend Cath enough, the insight and knowledge gained from 1.5hrs with Cath is the most I have ever understood from any medical appointment I have ever had. Instant recommendations to make small tweaks to my nutrition and have made me feel instant changes with feeling fuller for longer, less likely to reach for snacks and control glucose spikes I wasn’t even aware of.

I have a couple of long standing issues I didn’t even really fully understand the full impact of on my overall health until I talked them through with Cath. I can’t wait to start taking my personalised tincture and work more with Cath to improve my overall health and wellbeing.

In a world where our usual healthcare is difficult to access, to be able to turn to a medical herbalist like Cath with so much knowledge and a whole person approach is so reassuring and welcome. Thank you Cath.”

S.F. Derbyshire