First consultation – 90 minutes, £85.

This includes:

  • Analysis of your patient registration form and any blood tests (if applicable)
  • Detailed assessment of symptoms
  • Review of your health history, medication, diet and general health
  • Setting health, diet and lifestyle goals and your tailored treatment plan
  • Creating your herbal prescription, this may include 5-7 different herbs and is bespoke and tailored to you. This may be a herbal tea, tincture, topical cream or ointment, powder or capsules.
  • Making and packaging your herbal prescription in the form to suit you.

As an example:

Tinctures £12 per 100ml (approximately one week)
Teas £14 per 100g bag
Capsules (per 60) from £15.00
Creams and Ointments (30ml) from £8.50

Follow up appointments

45 minutes £45

  • These are usually online and include a review of your progress, your symptoms and how you are feeling.
  • I’ll then update your treatment plan and herbal prescription following the consultation.
  • Follow up appointments are usually every 4 weeks.
  • Included in the fee is time for dispensing your herbal medicine after the follow up consultation.
  • You can sometimes order additional herbs without an appointment, however a dispensing fee of £10 is charged if you order a repeat prescription without a follow up consultation. As a minimum a follow up consultation is required every four months to sure your treatment remains effective and also safe.